Football Flick Urban Return Ball

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ThE Football Flick Urban Return Ball
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URBAN Return Ball

Key Features

  • Allows the user to independently practice shooting, passing & free kicks and the ball always comes back to you!
  • Easily adjustable cord length for different spaces, distances and drills.
  • Works on any surface
  • The high quality size 5 ball can be removed and used independently.

Football Flick Urban Return Ball can be used for Serious Play, providing endless fun in trying out new skills.

For those who wish to Play Serious the return ball can be used as a training aid that will helps improve shooting, passing and control. Imagination is the only Limitation when using the Football Flick Urban Return Ball.

Whether playing alone or with friends, whether you want to train hard to be the next Lionel Messi or just try out a few new skills, Football Flick Urban Return Ball will bring imagination, expression and fun to kids, teenagers and young adults.

Test your right and left foot, free-kicks &