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URBAN Soccer Skills Trainer

Football Flick Urban is a 3 Dimensional football skills trainer. It enables single or multiple players to pass footballs and receive them back at different heights, speeds and angles, testing their precision and flair in passing, ball control and volleying.

Contemporary in design with sleek lines and urban appeal, the 3 features offer very different player experiences. The Front Ramp is a smooth curved arc that can be adjusted to vary the trajectory of the returned pass. The Rear Ramp has an angled mesh rebound surface which gives a variable flight of the return. The central ball net is used as a target with the player making a pass into either ramp surface and then controlling the returned pass into the net.

For those wishing to Play Serious it can be used as a training device that improves passing accuracy, close control, and speed of touch techniques. Partnering the Sports Science Department of University UCLAN, we created a validation exercise with academy players and have now scientifically proven that core skill performance can be improved by up to 49% average across 4 different training drills that interact with the different surfaces of the unit. Football Flick is being used in a number of Premier league Academies.

Football Flick Urban can also be used for Serious Play, providing endless fun in trying out new skills & creating new moves. Use the net as a passing target, or the control the returned ball and pass towards other garden, street or yard objects. We have also created an urban street game.

Whether playing alone or with friends, whether you want to be the next Lionel Messi or just try out a few new skills and tricks, Football Flick Urban will bring imagination, expression and fun to kids, teenagers, young adults and families alike! Imagination is the only Limitation!  

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